Our Purpose

Your Comprehensive Resource for Facts and Women's Experiences

Hysterectomy.com was created with the intention to provide women and families throughout the nation and the world with a comprehensive resource they can trust for all matters related to hysterectomy surgery. As being informed is crucial to helping you make a decision that is right for you, we strive to equip each visitor to our website with the information, support, and resources they need. As you explore your available treatment options and learn what to expect after a hysterectomy surgery, you can rely on Hysterectomy.com to be there for you every step of the way.

Providing an Informational Resource

hysterectomy, or the removal of the uterus, is a medical procedure immersed in widespread scrutiny, convoluted opinions, and a general lack of awareness and understanding. While increased awareness about hysterectomies and the various conditions they are used to treat have expanded the ways in which people view the procedure and treat women, there is still much to be done within the general public and medical community. At Hysterectomy.com, we provide women, families, and medical professionals with access to information about the various reasons for a hysterectomy, the types of hysterectomy surgeries, and alternative treatment options.

The information we provide is designed to help women and their families better understand their condition and options as well as understand that they have the ability to make a decision that suits their needs, goals, and lifestyle. A hysterectomy can be a life-changing experience, so we place a high value on the importance of being an educational resource and we strive to ensure that women have easy access the information they need.

Fostering a Network of Support

As a reflection of our commitment to promoting global awareness about hysterectomies, we also focus our efforts on advocating for a solid network of support. Our website, as well as its various features, can help promote a larger conversation about medical conditions and treatment options that transcends all boundaries of the population. Women in need, families, the general public, and the medical community can take an active role in expanding our collecting knowledge. Together, we believe that this website can not only raise awareness but also act as a driving force that fuels new efforts in medical science and research.

Giving You an Active Voice

As a hysterectomy is a procedure that poses numerous personal implications, we know that every woman should assess her situation on an individual basis. Your decision should be derived not merely from the research you conduct but also from speaking explicitly about your unique condition and life. We encourage women to speak candidly with their doctors and to seek second opinions, and we offer them the opportunity to have an active voice on our website.

Our public forums serve as a community in which women who are exploring their options and women who have undergone hysterectomies can find common ground, share their stories, and gain valuable insight into the comprehensive, profound, and formative impact that a hysterectomy can have on their lives. Our message boards facilitate connections that women would be hard-pressed to find on their own, and we know that our forums can be of indispensable value to helping us achieve the purpose of being a truly comprehensive resource and helping our visitors benefit from the site.

In addition to speaking out on our message boards, women can also directly voice their questions and concerns to the founder of Hysterectomy.com, Dr. Tamer Seckin. A world-renowned specialist who has become a leading voice on hysterectomies and related female reproductive conditions, Dr. Seckin offers his time, compassion, and extensive medical knowledge to people who wish to ask questions. By completing a contact form, you can find answers that relate specifically to your situation and your concerns.

A Resource You Can Trust

At Hysterectomy.com, we strive to provide women throughout the nation with a go-to, comprehensive resource that addresses all aspects of female reproductive conditions, hysterectomy surgery, and alternative treatments. Additionally, we are committed to raising awareness about this procedure, to furthering scientific research, and to facilitating connections between women who are considering this procedure and women who have undergone a hysterectomy or alternative treatment.

If you are considering hysterectomy, are beginning to explore your options, or simply wish to find more information, then please do not hesitate to browse this site, engage in conversations, and reach out for the information and support you need.