How to Pay for Surgery When Insurance Doesn't

Hysterectomy Surgery FAQ

In addition to exacerbating difficulties in diagnosing conditions and assessing treatment options, the lack of awareness surrounding hysterectomy surgery and the various medical conditions it is used to treat can also contribute to problems with insurance coverage. Living with uncomfortable and painful symptoms can be a daily source of strain, and as difficult as considering a hysterectomy may be, facing insurance problems can add insult to injury. The following information can help you navigate the insurance aspect of undergoing this procedure.

Understanding Insurance Companies 
What all women must realize is that insurance companies are not doctors. Their efforts and energy, in most cases, are focused on their bottom line, and they take great care in not only defending themselves against exorbitant costs but also in preventing the amount of "medically unnecessary" procedures that they subsidize. It may seem as though classifying a hysterectomy in the same medically unnecessary category as cosmetic procedures is unfair, and in many cases, it may very well be, but that does happen.

It is important to understand that insurance companies make errors or lack necessary information when assessing whether a hysterectomy surgery is medically necessary. Additionally, the fact that many studies have estimated that anywhere from 10 to 90 percent of hysterectomies can be considered medically unnecessary can cause insurance companies to scrutinize your case with a biased mindset.

What You Can Do 
Whatever the particular cause may be, and regardless of the motivations insurance companies may have, you should never give up in your efforts to seek coverage, especially when other treatments have failed, when your doctor (and / or a second opinion) confirm that the procedure is viable in your case, or when you believe that this is your best option. Many women who have been denied choose to be proactive about the matter by writing letters to their insurance providers explaining their story, their history of treatment, and why the procedure is necessary in their case. Your doctor may also be able to assist you by supplying their medical opinion, conducting and / or providing additional tests, and showing that other treatment options have failed. Asking about an appeals process can also benefit your efforts to obtain coverage.

When insurance providers balk, are reluctant, or deny payment for your procedure, do not allow the experience to bring you down. Many women facing this situation find themselves in the same predicament and, fortunately, they have exemplified that with persistence and a proactive attitude, these obstacles can be overcome. Some women find that they are also able to negotiate or find ways in which the insurance company will be willing to pay for at least some of the procedure or hospital costs. You do not have to settle for paying full price, especially when it will place added strain on your family's financial and personal well-being.

In some cases, insurance companies may offer to pay for other treatments, usually less-expensive options. If you have not been treated for your condition with these or other alternatives, then it may become an opportunity to discuss alternatives with your doctor or a second doctor. In addition to saving costs, it may also provide you with safe and effective treatment without the more drastic risks and repercussions associated with a hysterectomy surgery. Electing to undergo alternatives, however, is a personal decision you should make with your doctor.

Gain Access to a Network of Support

If your insurance provider has denied coverage for your hysterectomy surgery, do not lose hope. Be proactive, gather information, and work closely with your doctor to exhaust your options. As numerous women in the very same situation as you have encountered similar obstacles, you can also tap into our website's network of support by reaching out to other women and sharing your story on our message boards. Find the support you need to transcend these obstacles. Complete a contact form or visit our forums today.