daVinci® Hysterectomy

Robotic Hysterectomy Surgery

Modern medicine and technology have provided women considering hysterectomy with more options. A type of robotic hysterectomy procedure known as a daVinci® hysterectomy uses a system comprised of a robotic surgical platform, 3D high-definition vision, and specialized miniature surgical instruments that enable surgeons to perform precise, intricate surgery.

During the procedure, robotic instruments are used to make small incisions on the abdomen. Miniaturized, wristed surgical instruments and a tiny camera can be inserted and manipulated by a surgeon through a computer. The technology allows for dexterity, precision, and micro-movements. Although robotic, the system does not make movements or decisions on its own. Rather, the technology facilitates the actions of a surgeon. The procedure can be used to treat the same types of conditions for which a hysterectomy may be an option, including uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis.

Find the Information and Support You Need to Weigh Your Options

Hysterectomy surgery typically becomes an option when conditions are severe and/or unresponsive to less-invasive treatment. Considering any surgical procedure should be a choice you arrive at after carefully evaluating all available options with your doctor. Robotic approaches, such as a daVinci® hysterectomy, may certainly be capable of providing relief, but may not always be appropriate or the best option for everyone. In fact, several studies, including one conducted by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have even challenged whether robotic hysterectomies provide more substantial results than traditional surgeries, especially at a higher cost.

Researchers have found that there are no significant differences between robotic and laparoscopic surgeries in complication rates, blood loss, pain, or recovery. Studies have also found that while robotic surgery, on average, resulted in shorter hospital stays than laparoscopic or open surgery, the margin was very slim. This further solidifies the importance of assessing treatment on an individual basis and the need to find information that will aid in weighing your options. If you would like more information about daVinci® hysterectomy, alternative treatment options, and your specific situation, please complete a contact form.